You’ll Love Our Denim. And For Good Reason.

You’ll Love Our Denim. And For Good Reason.

Denim is always in fashion, and we’ll never stop showing you the cool looks we have in store and online. But on this day, it’s extra important for us to promote our denim wares.

It’s because April 25 is Denim Day. What’s Denim Day? Well, it’s not like National Hug Day or Wear Your Clothes Backward Day. This day’s about to get real. Denim Day is a nationwide call to wear jeans in support of rape prevention and ending misconceptions surrounding sexual assault.

True story: According to, almost 20 years ago in Italy, a rapist was convicted. Then the Italian Supreme Court overturned the conviction saying that the victim was wearing tight jeans and therefore would have had to help the rapist rape her. WTF??

The next day, the women in the Italian Parliament came to work in jeans in support of the victim. Cheers sisters!

So, yes, the story is dark, and it’s not our favorite. But it does compel us to act and, by all means, don our jeans. Fortunately, we’re Nixon & Co, and we have the styles you’ll love.

Check out the released hem wide-leg crop. These great jeans let you go from casual to classy with just a change in shoes. Dress them up or dress them down – we love them!

We also love the Stud Slim Crop. The mid-rise waist is flattering to every figure and the texture is as soft as a summer breeze.

And check out the casual comfort of the Super Wide Leg. (We’re talking the jeans – not you.)


Yoo-hoo, men!

Another thing to know about Denim Day – it’s about challenging patriarchy. This is the political structure in which men feel they are entitled to sexually harass people and perpetrate sexual violence. Oh, the male privilege!

This is where style and women’s empowerment can meet. We must recognize that women have the right to be as sexy as they want and still be safe. Like in these great skirts!

The fun and funky Frey Edge Skirt:

And the perfect-for-the-office Denim Pencil Skirt:

Up to the Task

So, Denim Day. It’s fun to say and a chance to wear all the great denim we have at Nixon & Co. But it’s so much more. It’s a chance to raise awareness about just what is “acceptable.” It’s about what we tell our ourselves, our sisters, and our daughters. Sexual assault, patriarchy, rape culture: It’s all happening, and it’s all wrong.

Join us in speaking out. Wear your jeans, and check out 10 more things you can do. Remember, you can get right to work in this awesome Double Hem Jacket.

Or this flattering but comfy Plaid Oversized Shirt.


Let everyone know we’ll wear denim and we’ll wear what we want. Without getting hurt.

Even in this super sexy Denim Long Shirt Jacket.








Here, There’s Nothing Taxing About Tax Time

Here, There’s Nothing Taxing About Tax Time

Is this you?

Baby, we know how it is. Now that tax day’s over, we welcome you to come in and add to your look. If you’ve gotten a refund, reward yourself with something new. And if you owe, invest in some retail therapy. You’ll find the best returns are always at Nixon & Co.

Revenue… Or a new you

They say only two things in life are certain: Death and taxes. While revenue, filings, and you know – the law – are out of your control, there are things that are entirely up to you. Like choosing a great new dress. Check out this Charcoal & Cream Lace. You can be cool and stylish in a look so hot your accountant will even notice.

No more withholding

This week, withholdings were the name of the game. And while they can be good, they also hold back everything we’re entitled to. In this case, it’s our witty insights and banter. With Nixon & Co, you can say what you wanna say with our fun graphic tees. Champagne for breakfast? Heck yeah! We call that Saturday.

Give yourself credit

Also at Nixon & Co, if you can’t reduce your tax bill, you can increase your self-esteem. Raise your value with looks that highlight your assets. We love this sexy 50 Shades Bralette. Let it peak out from under sweaters and tops, and let them wonder what else you’re hiding.

Another hot look: The Charcoal Racerback Lace Flowy Vest. Throw it over a bralette or tank, and pair it with a skirt or jeans. This racerback will expedite your form, if you know what we’re talking about.

And, get even more happy returns with the super sexy Eyelet Open Shoulder Blouse. The cold shoulder is still hot, and we love how this top is both comfy and suggestive – all at the same time.

The Edge of the Wedge

Of course, at tax time, nothing reminds you more of the fact that you’ve been pounding the payment all year long. Girl, you deserve a break. And so do your feet. Reward them with these incredible Slate Woven Leather Wedge Sandals. The cut-out patterns will add pizazz to any outfit. And the cushioned insoles will cushion the blow of anything the IRS tells you.

It’s all in the wrist

Finally, imagine how great you would have looked writing a check to Uncle Sam if you were wearing an Agate Silk Wrap Bracelet. These bracelets are not only beautiful, they’re also versatile. Sport one as a choker, in your hair, or even as a belt. You’ll love to get all tied up. No judging here.

Ladies, as we celebrate the end of tax season, trust that the only thing that needs an audit is your wardrobe. Whether you owe, or whether America owes you, you owe yourself something beautiful. Come in or shop online today!

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring — But Your Outfit Doesn’t Have to Be Snoring

It’s Raining, It’s Pouring — But Your Outfit Doesn’t Have to Be Snoring

April showers bring May flowers. But, ladies, too often spring also brings bad decisions. A little rain falls from the sky, and people’s brains go down the drain. As modern women who can bring home the bacon (and fry it up in a pan), we’re forgetting that we can indeed stay dry and stay fashionable. Let’s have a look at common spring weather mistakes – and some great new looks at Nixon & Co that won’t leave you all wet.


First off, ladies you are fighting the rain. Not the Jedis. There’s no room for these jackets in the galaxy. If this look is yours when it pours, you may be the worst Sith Lord ever. And if these references make sense to you, please step away from Amazon Prime.

Which day does the trash come?

Oh dear. Don’t get us wrong. We appreciate spontaneity, creativity and a good budget. We also don’t mind a “trashy” look, although we prefer the term expressive. But trash bags as a way to ward off the rain take it too far. If the only second looks you’re getting are from men who ride on the backs of trucks once a week, please rethink this hefty mistake.

Ladies, be ladies

Another mistake we see: Unisex footwear. As women we have come so far. We wear pink hats. We march. We make up almost 47% of the workforce. Let’s celebrate being women by wearing rain gear designed for women. We can share the kid duties, share the bank account, and share our lives. But we don’t have to share our boots. Learn more ways to empower women here.

Finally, the eyes are the windows to the soul

Not the rain gear. This spring, keep in mind that your coat doesn’t have to be bulky or oversized. And it certainly doesn’t need to be see-through. Although we always love showing a little leg.


Do rain right          

At this point, now that we’ve covered the mistakes, it’s time to illustrate how to look your best even if the sky is coming down.

Like in this 100% water-resistant Ciao Milano rain jacket.

We love it!

Another hot look at Nixon & Co: Boots! It’s time to move over grandma and take your galoshes with you.

In stock now are Roma Boots, for people who care about being cool and care about the world. They come in a ton of colors and in both short and tall sizes (the boots and the people). And Roma means love, which means Roma Boots donates a pair of boots to a child in need for every pair sold. They are literally giving poverty the boot. We wish we wrote that ourselves.

Nixon & Co has these looks and more – both in store and online.

In conclusion, my friends: April showers are a good thing, and rain is great (some people even dance for it). Embrace the precipitation and come in today. Unless you’re looking for these boots. In that case, head back to the lab.


Spring Hair: We’re Here to Say “Moist”

Spring Hair: We’re Here to Say “Moist”

Moist. There, we have your attention. Everyone’s favorite word is front and center during one of our favorite seasons.

It’s because temps are rising and precipitation is still falling. The result is extra water in the air and potential danger for your hair. Here we’ll let you know everything you need to know about being – or not being – moist this season. We’ll even stop saying that word. Just kidding.

Keep moisture out

By moist we mean moisture. And it’s the key theme for spring. If you wish to fight Mother Nature and continue to blow dry through the heat, you need to keep the moisture out. Modern technology can help! The Humidity RX Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray by ColorProof not only provides color and heat protection, it also forms a protective barrier between the air and your hair. Take this for your spring walk around the lake, ladies! It works!

Another option: Apply the powerful Phytodefrisant Botanical Straightening Balm to clean, damp hair. Blow dry and welcome the showers and the flowers. There are no chemicals and it works on any type of hair.

We love both these products because they keep moisture out without drying.

Keep moisture in

Another strategy for the season is to just go ahead and cave to the humidity. If you have curly hair, let it go curly. But not frizzy. Curly hair is naturally dry, so in this case you need moisture, moisture, and more moisture to fight the frizz and achieve the best curls.

We love the BOING Curl Care System, which includes shampoo, leave-ins, and creams. The formulas activate and hold curls. They provide control without the stickiness and stiffness. Does that sound dirty? If it does, we have more.

Bondage is best

We mean for hair! Whether you embrace the season straight or curly, it’s imperative to bond those ends.

The amino acid complex inside the Seven Kente Bond System heals and bonds hair, protecting against split ends. The shampoo and conditioner work great together. And we especially love the Reparative Spray. Misted over damp hair, the spray restores structure to processed, bleached, and regularly dried and styled hair. The more damage you have, the better it works. That’s more than we can say about relationships!

The right cut

Finally, straight or curly, dry or moist – doh, we said it again – the best strategy for spring hair is a professional, quality cut. At Nixon & Co, we can assess the texture of your hair, its natural inclinations, and what you’re realistically willing to do to keep up the look every day. Before coffee. At Nixon & Co, we keep it real. Make an appointment here.

Ladies, spring is upon us. The warm weather is coming, and this could be you.

Fight back. Take steps to control the moisture, adjust to the season, and look your best. Tame your tresses, and also make these bold moves to put a spring in your spring. We’re here for you.

And remember:


Nothing Says Easter Like Easter Outfits

Nothing Says Easter Like Easter Outfits

What’s not to love about Easter? So many memories, so many traditions. It’s a time of celebration. Bunnies. Chocolate. Chocolate bunnies. We love it all.

In fact, here we are celebrating Easter last year. Just kidding. That was two years go.

In all seriousness, although this is not a picture of us, we love what we see. We respect these women coming together, donning their bonnets, and dipping every egg in the village. What’s really important here is not the intricate egg design. Or those aprons. It’s the tradition of celebrating the best way we way we all should: With new outfits.

It’s a tale as old as time. The bunny and the food. The ham and the eggs. And that new dress for Easter.

Preparing for Easter has always been an opportunity to go shopping. Although we think every day falls into this category, we know the Easter outfit holds a promise of warm weather, bright sunshine, and even eternal salvation. Easter styles simply have style! These ladies knew it. They look like Easter eggs themselves!

We say, keep the style alive. And, of course, at Nixon & Co, we have the Easter outfits to celebrate!

Check out this white and coral plaid tank dress. Flowing, flattering, and fun. It’s the perfect frock for church, brunch, or even an afternoon of mimosas. We don’t judge!

Another classic look at Nixon & Co: The grey tie sash dress. It’s unique and modern, but with the classic stitching and bows of Easters past. It’s a look so hot, you’ll have to fight off the Easter bunny. Or not. Again: No judgment.

Perhaps you’re loving these looks, but you’re looking outside and saying. “These are great, Nixon & Co, but check it out! There’s still snow on the ground!” We get it! Never fear ladies, we’ve got you covered!

Look at these amazing cardigans. This one is called “Pale Olive.” Blow me down! (That’s a reach to Olive Oil and then a reference to Popeye. Ahoy, millennials. Look it up!)

Back to the topic of covering up, check out our light violet cardigan. Beautiful!

These sexy sweaters can be thrown over Easter frocks, or dressed down with jeans. They’re light, they’re easy. We love them!

Ladies, yes. You all have your Easter traditions and your Easter memories. Plus new traditions and new memories you create every year. And at the core of each of them: New clothes. Come in today! Shop!

4 Bold Moves to Put a Spring in Your Spring

4 Bold Moves to Put a Spring in Your Spring

Spring is here. Officially. And we couldn’t be more excited. Well, we could. But that’s another blog, on another topic. We’ll keep it clean here, ladies, with these key pointers to bring in the season right.


First things first. Spring cleaning is not just a catchy term. It’s a rebirth. Spring is the ideal time to get out with the old, and purge your wintery, tired ways. We challenge you to not only deep clean, but also stop the madness.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve probably heard of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. This book describes the Konmari Method, which involves thanking your belongings for their service, and then letting them go if they no longer spark joy. What does that mean? It means to touch everything you own, mindfully. If it doesn’t bring you joy, toss it.

We love this approach! For drawers! For closets! For homes! Er, for children! For spouses! Take this philosophy as far you want and embrace your new tidy life.


Now that you’ve thrown out everything that doesn’t bring you joy, celebrate spring by bringing new joy in. It’s time to shop, girlfriends!

Look what we have in stock!

  • 2018’s answer to the one piece. This look is hot! We bet you haven’t looked this adorable in a onesie since you were, well, one.

  • Rockin’ lobes. Spring spirit is light, and so are these beauties! Clear your calendar – you’ll need time to field the compliments.

  • And hello Lido Deck! This is no Love Boat romper. We love this gorgeous halter one-piece in store now.

Check out more summer fashion trends of 2018 here.


Another thing to do this spring? Look in the mirror. How long has it been since you’ve had a quality cut or color. Are ends split? Has color faded?

Sometimes you may be too close to the situation to know that “there’s a situation.” Things can start to look “normal.” Perceptions can be hindered by fatigue and frenzy. Things could be bad. Real bad. Come in and we’ll give you an honest answer. And honest advice. Year-round. Trust us.


Finally, with all the new thinking and energy of spring, it is important to not lose perspective. Change is good, but only good change.

For example, don’t leave this page thinking that this look is trending.

By this photo, we mean, no. And no, and no. You had us at the Sandra Bullock hair. And then it all went south. And chilly. Ladies, it’s only March. Brrr.

And goodness. Spring is a time for a new, sexy jacket. But not full metal jacket.

Just stop. And while you’re at it, with warm weather approaching, check the shorts. No one wants to see your panties. Or your panty liners.

One more thing, when you shop for knits, remember we mean knits – jersey tops, seasonal sweaters, easy add-ons. We don’t mean grandma’s latest project.

Needles generally don’t bring anything good, and knitting needles don’t either. Unless it’s a blanket for a precious newborn, hold back on the yarn. We’re itching just writing this.

Ladies, friends, yes, it’s spring. Please do revisit, restock, refresh, and rethink. There are so many good decisions to make, and so many bad ones to avoid.

We can help you through these exciting times. Come in. Let’s talk.