A New Year. Hold My Beer.

A New Year. Hold My Beer.

Wow. It seems like just yesterday, we were preparing for Y2K, and now we’re 19 years in. We’re approaching this year with grace and confidence because we’re just one year away from entering the “20s.” You know, like the “Roaring 20s,” but a hundred years later. Let that sink in. Now, when we refer to the 20s, we’ll have to ask, “Which ones?” But I digress. The point is, time is flying, and a century out from prohibition, we’re ready for the last year of this decade, and we’re raising a glass. Game on!

In fact, this is how excited we are.

Well, truthfully, Kelly is just excited because she’s splashing on the beach in Mexico. But she left us up here in the cold with some thoughts on what we can all look forward to in 2019.

Rounded bobs

One trend we’re excited about is the “Rounded Bob.” No, this is not your fat uncle. This is a new take on the traditional a-line bobs of yesteryear, with a look that is softer and more feminine. For you, it will just take some shine serum and a few minutes with the hair dryer. For the ladies of Nixon & Co, it will take some point cuts into your ends. But as you and I know, they know what they’re doing.

Blunt jawline bob

Here’s another trend we love for the New Year, the blunt jawline bob. Yes, it does sound like a boxing move. But, yo Adrian, this look will keep you on your feet and make you the winner of any match. Okay, enough boxing references. What the cut entails is a short blunt cut coming between your ears and chin. Shorter at the back, longer at the front, it flatters the jaw and brings out your pretty face.

Pass the mustard

While there is plenty more to say about hair trends of 2019, we have to move on to fashion too. Because you know, we are all about overall style from head to toe. The color we’re seeing for spring is yellow. But not lemon, or buttercup, or winter wheat. We’re talking mustard. It’s been said it’s bold with a hint of spice. Now don’t think yellow mustard at your neighborhood cookout. This is more like Grey Poupon. And coordinated with your classic black, it’s a look that’s making us suddenly hungry.

Tie dye and “puffed shoulders”

Since this may be a lot to digest, we’re tackling this one at the same time. Both tie dye and “puffed shoulders” have hit the runway for the season. They can’t scare us with these ones. Remember, we have beer. The fact is, it’s time to get out your rubber bands and your old shirts. Or, probably better yet, be on the look-out for these amazing finds.

At the same time, look for some added poof in your dresses and tops.


But remember, think “Puff,” not “Linebacker.” This is 2019. We don’t want to hurt anyone.


In conclusion, these are just a few of the many trends of 2019 we’re ready for. And, if you want a new style to welcome in the new year, come see us. We’ll set you on a path to roar into 2020. And we’ll raise a toast together!



Celebrating a Year of Inappropriateness

Celebrating a Year of Inappropriateness

Holy crap – happy holidays! We’re ending the year by taking a look back. Well, we’re honestly just tired, or drunk on the nog, and we couldn’t think of a topic.

So, we thought we’d reflect on the past year and highlight some of our favorite pieces of whit and banter, in case you missed them. Or you just want to read them again because they’re that good.

Although we share our insights every single week, we’ll provide a recap this season by season.


We started the year with questions: What did we do before the Internet? What are the challenges to community and education? What is a $%@-hole country? Actually, this was all a big plug for shopping at Nixon & Company. But what a great start to 2018!

In February, we took a trip to Vegas and came back with wise advice for summer fashions. We drew inspiration from a simpler time, and shared the latest on jumpers, rompers, and stripes. We were just warming up.

Then we headed into St. Patrick’s Day with 4 ways to celebrate. There was plenty of talk of getting tied up. Okay, it was actually about belts. Get your head out of the gutter.


As spring approached, we addressed an issue at the top of everyone’s minds: The moist air and what that means to hair. True, we did provide some solid advice on products, cuts, and styling. But really, we just wanted to say moist.

In May, we recognized our moms and encouraged everyone to celebrate Mother’s Day with new stuff from Nixon & Co. We still love these Beljoy bracelets, made by a company that creates jewelry-making jobs for the people of Haiti.

Next, we offered four tips for making sure dad would never be a dud on Father’s Day. First, fix his do. Second, tame those caterpillars. Three, update his style. The fourth? You’ll have to read it.


When summer came, we celebrated National Friendship Day and we raised our glasses to all our friends who know where we buried the bodies. In August, Kelly suggested a way to unwind on National Relaxation Day. It involved a hot and tender approach using an instrument of loving heat and soft strokes. Intrigued? I bet! Moving on, we then dug deep into what makes Kelly tick. Is she a B#$%&, or just a Virgo?


Finally, moving into the last quarter, we were in high gear, spouting off all the reasons we love tacos. I don’t make this up. Then we shared deep thoughts on winter, which mainly consisted of: Stop shaving. And this brought us full circle to just a few weeks ago, when we brought everyone up to speed on Percy the Puny Poinsettia and, of course, our love of these awesome pants.

So, it’s been a great year, full of inappropriateness, and there’s more where these came from.  We don’t always reflect on all the wisdom we’ve shared, so we were happy to do it here. And it let us create a whole blog out of stuff we’ve already said.

Until next year, thanks for reading. May you all have a joyous holiday and a very happy and healthy 2019. We’ll see you then!

It’s Christmas – Don Your Giant Boob Rose

It’s Christmas – Don Your Giant Boob Rose

We don’t know when it happened. Well, it was around 2010, according to TimeMagazine. But suddenly we can’t get through a holiday season without our ugly sweaters.

Amber loves to sport her favorite one, with the strategically placed rose covering her boob. She swears it’s lovely. And it’s from Nordstrom! So it’s okay.

She pulls it out every Christmas. Well, that’s not true. She wears it year-round. But the point is this, ladies: Ugly sweater season is here, and how can we make the most of this ugly tradition? Pour your nog, friends, we have some thoughts.

Embrace it. The truth is the easiest way to get through it all is to just find that ugly sweater. The uglier the better. Take Amber’s lead and whip out your own nipple. Apparently, you don’t even need a flower. Any of Santa’s helpers will do. Why, Rudolph, is it cold in here?

Seriously, if you don’t have anything hidden in your own closet, get yourself to all the stores who are catering to this trend, er, capitalizing on this opportunity. Nordstrom, Kohl’s, Walmart. They are here for you. And because Ugly Sweater extravaganzas aren’t going away anytime soon, consider it an investment. Although we don’t know how well Rudolph is going to hold up in the wash.

Make your own.

As if the holidays aren’t hard enough, apparently you can make them harder by creating your own ugly sweater. Amber swore there were kits   for this. Of course, I didn’t believe her. But again, there is Google.

Sure enough, “Let’sGet Ugly” is available at Bed Bath & Beyond – marked down to$6.99. I believe you have to get your own sweater though. And there are no reviews. Trust your gut here. I say, Amber can make a sweater, and I’ll make a drink.

Bake it.

Speaking of kits, it also seems there’s no reason to limit your ugly sweater to something you have to wear. Hell, you can eat this lovely tradition. Also available at Walmart is an ugly sweater cookie decorating kit. This is truly for the Christmas die-hards who want to bring out their creativity, and honestly, their tweezers. Check out the finished project.

Try our cute sweaters instead.

If all this is too much, we don’t blame you. Besides, there are so many times in our lives when we’re accidentally ugly, why would we do it on purpose?

Instead, snub the trend and get a sweater that’s truly cute. We love this oversized grey sweater. Warm and cozy, even your nipples won’t show.

Another great look for any holiday party: The dusty pink v-neck sweater. The look is dressy with a wide v-cut scoop neck and breast pocket detail. Relaxed yet slimming, the look is hard to achieve anywhere else. Even with a kit!

Finally, ugly sweater or cute sweater, it’s sweater weather and ugly sweater season. Do what you got to do to get through it, even if you need a giant boob rose. Or two. And in the meantime, we wish you all a MerryChristmas.

How Will You Celebrate National Poinsettia Day?

How Will You Celebrate National Poinsettia Day?

First of all, there actually is a National Poinsettia Day, and it’s the 12th!

It turns out that long before we were building walls, we were celebrating our “cultural bridges” with Mexico. In America, on National Poinsettia Day, we commemorate Joel Poinsett’s discovery of the plant. In Mexico, they display the poinsettia on the “Day of the Virgin.”

Well, there’s no virgins here. At Nixon & Co, we celebrate this beautiful plant by singing rounds and rounds of “Percy the Puny Poinsettia.”

Seriously. This is a song, although only Kelly knows about it.

It seems the people who brought us “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” also penned this poignant tune with these awe-inspiring words:

Percy the puny poinsettia
Is hanging his bloom in dismay
If they had just kept him wetta
He’d be a houseplant today

I didn’t believe any of this, until now, when I Googled it. Here I found the rest of the lyrics, and wept at how they rhymed “setta” with “wetta,” “redda,” and “betta.”

So I’m just going to move on to the other ways it’s recommended to celebrate this day. The experts offer these three ideas:

Make a poinsettia punch. Confirming my suspicions that the Internet is a scary, scary place, this is actually suggested. Blend together 14 ounces of cranberry juice with 20 ounces of ginger ale. Of course, the main problem here is that this idea exists. The other problem is that it doesn’t call for vodka.

Decorate with poinsettia-inspired designs. Wow, that’s creative. I don’t think I’ll be able to pull that off by the 12th on account of I’m not crafty. And oh yeah, that idea just lulled me into a coma of boredom.

Alas, they say, visit your local botanical gardens and see all the “amazing varieties” of this holiday flower. Maybe this might work. Again, if you add vodka.

Recognizing that all these ideas suck, and still wondering why no one has ever heard of Percy the Puny Poinsettia, the girls thought of other suggestions that might be “betta.”

Give someone a poinsettia. Or initiate a gift-giving tradition, where everyone has to give someone a gift that starts with the first letter of their name. This way, your friend Patty could have her beautiful poinsettia. And Kelly could get her KY Jelly, and Melissa, her marijuana, and Amber, her Ambien. Or an assault rifle. I don’t write this stuff, ladies. I simply report it.

Skip the poinsettia altogether. They never last. Even the ones that aren’t puny. And besides that, they’re poisonous to dogs and cats, and you know how sensitive the girls are about their killer plants. The truth is that poinsettias aren’t actually poisonous.They’re only mildly toxic. (I don’t make this stuff up.) Look for drooling, licking lips, and vomiting. This is in your pets – not you.

Finally, just wear something red. Like these incredible bell-bottom corduroy pants. Well, technically they’re rust. But with the smooth waistline finish and trendy legs, you couldn’t look more stylish. Unless of course, you were holding a poinsettia.

We leave you now to carve out your own National Poinsettia Day festivities. Tell us how you’ll be celebrating. Or just come by and let us know if you’ve ever heard of Percy. Bring your flowers. We’ll bring the vodka.

Don’t Give People Crap

Don’t Give People Crap

No, seriously. We’re not talking about refraining from giving people a hard time or a bad attitude. We’re talking about not giving people crap gifts. With the holidays approaching, the girls are taking on some important gift-giving advice. And, specifically, they’re calling a halt to giving crap no one wants.

Rule #1: Only make a gift if you’re talented.

Here, the girls want to be clear: Homemade gifts are lovely. Especially if you are skilled artist or you have access to a loom. Or you’re 5. Or, you’re an award-winning baker with a commercial kitchen. And you don’t allow cats on your counter.

But if none of these qualifiers apply to you, we’re going to need you to set that glue gun down. Unless you’re making a solid living on Etsy, no one wants your crap. Even if you think you make a fantastic wreath (ahem, Melissa), please rethink.

Rule #2: Only give if you mean it.

Another gift-giving guideline involves when you should – or shouldn’t – give. This one comes from Kelly: Only give a gift if your heart is telling you to. Don’t buy a gift (and of course, don’t make a gift) just because you feel obligated. Too many people do this, she says. Instead, give because you love that person and because they enrich your life.

Yeah, says Melissa. Give them an Oreo.

Sometimes these meetings just confuse me. Where’s that wine?

Rule #3: Reuse a gift.

Here, I thought the girls were advising to not re-gift. Of course! Good idea! It is safe to assume that if you don’t want the pink roses Yankee Candle, no one else does either. Get these things out of circulation, along with the gift bags they came in!

Wait! Apparently, this pointer doesn’t involve re-gifting. What the girls were talking about is actually re-using. Uh, ladies… Could you elaborate? Well, they only had one example, and it came from Kelly: Say, if you receive a wreath made of wine corks, pull those suckers off and use them for something else. Like shutting up your mother-in-law on Christmas Day.

Rule #4: Get a cool gift from Nixon & Co.

Finally, the best rule for gift-giving came down to an obvious answer. Shop Nixon & Co in store or online, and you can’t go wrong. The girls agreed: Come into our classic and trendy boutique, or browse pages of stylish ideas here.

For starters these unique Navy Moroccan Tear Drop Tile Earrings make an ideal gift for that sexy, sophisticated woman you know and love.

Another great gift: The confetti beanie from C.C. Beanies. One size fits all, even if your loved one’s noggin is the size of a melon. And with the comfy fit and plenty of stretch, this hat is practically a party on your head.

Need another idea? Moooo-ove over for this perfect-accessory Cowhide Clutch. The look is rustic yet sophisticated, casual yet classic. A medium size for maximum impact – it’s perfect for cell phones, keys, lipstick, oh, and corks.

In conclusion, with Nixon & Co, and our sage advice, you have options this holiday season. You can not give a crap and celebrate however you want. Or you can give a crap and let people know you care. But what you can’t do is give crap. Step away from Pinterest, and throw out that glue gun. Give cause you mean it, and give things people actually want.

Come on in. We’ll set down the wine-bottle wreath we’re working on and give you a hand.