It’s Not Difficult, Ladies — Just Simplify

It’s Not Difficult, Ladies — Just Simplify

It is sad that so many of us seem to struggle with this. It’s even sadder that there are bestsellers out there to help. And a Real Simple magazine. Now there’s even a national celebration called Simplify Your Life Week. (And, of course, we know about it.)

This should be, well, simple. To simplify your life, just quit your job, step away from the mortgage, and lock the kids outside. Bam! Your life is now simple! But wait, you’re also unemployed, homeless, and incarcerated. There is the downside.

But it is still possible to simplify. And we have four tips that should make it a little easier. And less illegal.

First things first: Narrow down your wine order

You know what complicates life? Having too many options for your wine order. Can you imagine the hours you are wasting in the aisles of Sam’s Club? Or the precious moments you are spending wondering if you’re in a spicy, dry, fruity, or nutty mood. You know you represent them all – at all times.

To simplify, keep your order straight-forward. Have a go-to answer: Merlot. Period. Or: White. Any. Or do like we do. When someone says “wine?” We simply say “Yes.” Easy peasy.

Simplify your wardrobe

Another way to make life simple is by un-complicating your clothes. Now we’re not talking specifically about Garanimals. (My young readers, this was a kids’ clothing line established in 1972. Ask your parents.)

Also, we don’t expect you to wear children’s clothing. (At least not out in public. But if you’ve been that successful on your diet that you fit into kids’ sizes, well, kudos to you.)

But really, what we’re talking about is the “fool-proof simplicity” of items that can be easily mixed and matched by any preschooler. Even our own.

We need to stop making good style difficult. Instead, we need to think simplicity. Pick quality items that can be worn alone or paired with others. Invest in a “look” that’s right for you and start building a stable of pieces. Pardon the animal pun. Start shopping here.

Get a great haircut and style

Now we’re just guessing here. But we’re willing to go out on a limb (animal reference) and say that your everyday routine doesn’t allow for trolling YouTube for how-to-get-the-perfect blow-out tutorials. Those pesky jobs/kids/families really put a dent in that, but that’s another story. Not to mention the other videos you could be searching regarding “blowing.” But we digress.

The fact is no one has time for complicated routines and learning curves. Invest in a quality cut and style that’s in line with the natural properties of your hair and the unnatural demands of your people. Leave complicated for your relationships, and keep your hair simple.

Streamline your shopping

Finally, know that driving all around God’s creation searching for the cutest clothes just takes up too much time and energy – time and energy that could be spent drinking wine. Or helping us identify national holidays.

Instead, simplify your life by buying all your clothes here. Or online here. Tops, bottoms, skirts, dresses, even coats, and shoes, and jewelry, gifts and accessories – we have it all. And of course, they’re the best around. Plus, you’ll master a stylish look that comes together naturally, without even Garanimals labels.

Bottom line: With all the crap we’ve got going on, and those needy jobs/kids/families that surround us, we have to do what we can to make life easier and simpler. Plus, we shouldn’t need a national week to remind us that less is more. Let’s get out there ladies, and take it down a notch. Relax and a pour a glass of wine. And don’t even ask what kind.

Make Your Mother’s Day with a Makeover

Make Your Mother’s Day with a Makeover

Moms! They’re the best things ever. Always there for you, putting their needs aside to take care of yours. That’s good news for you. But for them, all that wear and tear can start to show. Make this Mother’s Day the best by helping her regain that glow she once had. You know, that beauty that actually led to your birth. Give back already, will you? Nixon & Co can help!

New stuff

If your mom is like moms everywhere, she never buys things for herself. She buys crap for you. And what she doesn’t buy you, you flat out take from her. This is why mom drinks. On Mother’s Day, reverse this trend. We can help you with that.

Check out these beautiful Beljoy bracelets. They’re classic just like mom. They’re also a product of Beljoy, which creates jewelry-making jobs for the people of Haiti. Beljoy works to restore dignity and inspire change. That’s a cause mom would be proud of.

Another treasure she’ll love: These lovely leather clutches. Nothing thanks mom more for all her heavy lifting than giving her something nicer to carry. Check out the colors and styles. Want to make it even better: Enclose a gift certificate to the salon or boutique. Redeemable for a color, cut, or whatever she finds in store – it’s a gift that might just redeem you.

New excursion

What does mom want as much as cool stuff? She wants time with you. Although you’re needy and creating gray hairs, she loves your company. Show her you care by planning a shopping extravaganza. Make a day of it. South Denver ladies, take her to breakfast at the Egg & I, then stop by Nixon & Co – open Monday through Saturday – to look for treasures.

Check out all that’s in store here. Treat her to something special, and – whether you’re a mom or not yourself – get something for you too. You deserve it.

New surprises

But suppose mom lives far away. Or perhaps you’re just not up to seeing her in person. We get it. We’ll even drink to that. Regardless, you can shop Nixon & Co’s online boutique. Check out all these great gift ideas. Point, click and ship. Happy Mother’s Day: Done and done.

New do

Finally, after all the wrinkles you’ve caused her, you can give mom the gift of beauty. Schedule an appointment or get her a gift certificate for a cut or color. Don’t forget, Nixon & Co is full service, which means she can also opt for keratin treatments, extensions, waxing, or a brow or lash tint. We can rebuild her. We have the technology.

And you can restore all the damage you’ve caused. Ha Ha!

New you.

Alas, with so many options for Mother’s Day at Nixon & Co, you can be the new you – the kid mom always wanted. Be the favorite. Be the best. Make every one of those stretch marks worth it. As moms, we’re telling you: It’s the very least you can do. Really.

So, to all the moms out there – you, us, yours, and ours – Happy Mother’s Day. Make it a new day. Treat yourself. You’re beautiful. You got this.
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Spring Hair: We’re Here to Say “Moist”

Spring Hair: We’re Here to Say “Moist”

Moist. There, we have your attention. Everyone’s favorite word is front and center during one of our favorite seasons.

It’s because temps are rising and precipitation is still falling. The result is extra water in the air and potential danger for your hair. Here we’ll let you know everything you need to know about being – or not being – moist this season. We’ll even stop saying that word. Just kidding.

Keep moisture out

By moist we mean moisture. And it’s the key theme for spring. If you wish to fight Mother Nature and continue to blow dry through the heat, you need to keep the moisture out. Modern technology can help! The Humidity RX Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray by ColorProof not only provides color and heat protection, it also forms a protective barrier between the air and your hair. Take this for your spring walk around the lake, ladies! It works!

Another option: Apply the powerful Phytodefrisant Botanical Straightening Balm to clean, damp hair. Blow dry and welcome the showers and the flowers. There are no chemicals and it works on any type of hair.

We love both these products because they keep moisture out without drying.

Keep moisture in

Another strategy for the season is to just go ahead and cave to the humidity. If you have curly hair, let it go curly. But not frizzy. Curly hair is naturally dry, so in this case you need moisture, moisture, and more moisture to fight the frizz and achieve the best curls.

We love the BOING Curl Care System, which includes shampoo, leave-ins, and creams. The formulas activate and hold curls. They provide control without the stickiness and stiffness. Does that sound dirty? If it does, we have more.

Bondage is best

We mean for hair! Whether you embrace the season straight or curly, it’s imperative to bond those ends.

The amino acid complex inside the Seven Kente Bond System heals and bonds hair, protecting against split ends. The shampoo and conditioner work great together. And we especially love the Reparative Spray. Misted over damp hair, the spray restores structure to processed, bleached, and regularly dried and styled hair. The more damage you have, the better it works. That’s more than we can say about relationships!

The right cut

Finally, straight or curly, dry or moist – doh, we said it again – the best strategy for spring hair is a professional, quality cut. At Nixon & Co, we can assess the texture of your hair, its natural inclinations, and what you’re realistically willing to do to keep up the look every day. Before coffee. At Nixon & Co, we keep it real. Make an appointment here.

Ladies, spring is upon us. The warm weather is coming, and this could be you.

Fight back. Take steps to control the moisture, adjust to the season, and look your best. Tame your tresses, and also make these bold moves to put a spring in your spring. We’re here for you.

And remember:


Bags, Butts and Bad Hair: Please Control the Cray-Cray

Bags, Butts and Bad Hair: Please Control the Cray-Cray

It’s something we never grow tired of: Noticing problems and sharing our opinions about them. It’s good we’re up to the challenge because when it comes to bags, butts, and bad hair, we’ve been given a lot of material. So, right now, it’s time to stop the craziness and tell you all our feels.

First, ladies, what are you carrying?

Stop, look down, and take a hard close look at your essential carry-on. Is it dated? Is it worn out? Or did you borrow it from your grandma?

And God forbid, does it look like this?

The expression is “Let the cat out of the bag.” Not “Turn your cat into a bag.” This is wrong on so many levels, we’re scratching our scratching posts.

The point is this: If you haven’t updated your tote in the last year, it’s time to un-clench your clutch. Check out the accessories at Nixon & Company’s online boutique.

We love this Alem Cognac Weekender.

And this Mamuye Leather Tote.

Remember: Your bag says a lot about you, and it shouldn’t say “There’s a sippy cup in here.” If your six-year-old would carry it, put it back. If grandma thinks it would look great hanging from her walker, put it back. You get the message.

One more thing on purses: Don’t be afraid to go big. Not only can you load it up with more shit (adult sippy cups), we always say this: The larger the purse, the tinier the appearance of your behind. Why, yes mam, that bag does make your butt look small.

 Speaking of behinds…

Always check your view from the rear.

Get a full length mirror and check it early and often. Too many times, we’re rushing out the door and focusing on the day ahead that we forget about the things behind.

Be sure to look at the back of your hair, your butt, your shorts, and your pants. Yes, do wear white, but keep it loose and keep it classy. This washed-out wedgey has to hurt. But it hurts us more.

Next, ladies: Don’t sweat it.

Seriously, we mean: Don’t sweat in it. The problem comes when you’re wearing grey, which is quick to show every ounce of perspiration. If it’s tight, and you think you’re going to sweat, remember these are 50 shades no one wants to see.

The problem of wearing grey gets worse when you’re heating up in the no-no region. This problem is beyond camel-toe. This is: “Camel’s been at the river drinking.” Ladies, loosen up and lighten up, and don’t let this be you.

Finally: Stop the cray-cray of not cutting.

We get it: You love the glamour. You want the locks. But hair takes a beating with bleaching, shampooing, and flat ironing. It can grow unevenly, and ends eventually split.

And despite our love our good products, no product on earth is going to fix your hair if it’s gotten to this point:

And this would make even a cat handbag choke.

If this is you, make an appointment today. We can fix this. And we won’t even insult you.

In conclusion, we are hopeful that by shedding light on these bad bags, rear views, and hair cut avoidance, we can right some of the problems of this world. But there are so many, and we’re just getting warmed up. Come in to see us. We’ll talk.

When the Wash Must Wait

When the Wash Must Wait

You’ve heard it everywhere – from your stylists, your friends, your trusted websites: Do not wash your hair every day. While that sounds easy, many people struggle with how to skip shampooing for one day, let alone two or three. How can you go the distance between washes? These tips can help!

First, get a good cut. Shampooing too much strips your hair of essential oils and promotes split ends and breakage. It also takes significant time, and increases the wear and tear on your precious locks. A good stylist can account for this by giving you a manageable, quality cut that doesn’t require daily washing and styling. When you’re in the chair, be honest with your stylist about how often you wash – or want to wash – your hair.

Invest in dry shampoo. This ingenious product comes in spray or powder form and is designed to soak up oil, boost volume, and make your hair smell clean. But all dry shampoos are not created equal. Some work miracles, while others can leave a sticky residue and make your hair feel greasy. Our favorites at Nixon & CO are Unwash, Seven, and Unite.

Bobby pins for how to skip shampooing

Bobby pins are your best friend!

Make friends with your bobby pins. Putting your hair up doesn’t have to mean elaborate up-dos and tutorials on YouTube. On the second or third (or fourth) days, pull up (or back) sections of your hair, twist, and pin. Bobby pins are flexible and forgiving, and they let you get creative without a lot of know-how or fuss: Just position your hair where you want it and let the bobby pins hold it in place.

Hide it with style. Wearing a hat to hide day-two or day-three hair is popular advice. But for more style, take it a step further by adding a side fishtail braid. Just as easy as a traditional braid, the fishtail creates a casual but classic look. (Here’s how to do it.)

Braids help with how to skip shampooing

Add a fishtail braid to your favorite hat

Just rinse and condition. Finally, if all this isn’t enough for you to put down the bottle, consider just skipping the shampoo. Wet your hair as usual, then add conditioner, and rinse. You’ll be left with refreshed tresses, but you won’t experience the drying, stripping effects of the suds.

Following these tips can have you looking great in no time, but it is important to still stay aware of your hair. As day two, day three, and day four give your locks plenty of rest from styling, make sure to watch for dry, flaky, itchy, or oily scalp, which can be a reaction to build-up of dirt or dry shampoo. Then, by all means, lather away and add a deep conditioner.

For more information on hair that can go the distance as long as you want, make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Red Over Heels in Love: How to Become a Ginger

Red Over Heels in Love: How to Become a Ginger

They say good girls go to heaven. But Redheads go wherever they damn well please.

With the mystery and excitement surrounding our fiery sisters, it’s tempting to want to see if a little red could get you ahead. But what exactly does going red look like, and what do you need to know about how to become a ginger?

First, how do you see red?

Red hair comes in all shades, so in going red, it’s important to know what kind of redhead you are. Which hue do you most identify with?

how to become a ginger
Confident and classy auburn like Debra Messing

how to become a ginger
Sexy and subtle strawberry blond like Nicole Kidman

how to become a ginger
Dark and mysterious brown copper like Emma Stone

how to become a ginger
Fun and festive light copper like Leslie Mann

how to become a ginger
Fierce and fiery fire engine-red like Rihanna

Now: What do you need to know?

If you’re looking for the technicalities of how to become a ginger, here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Although we all feel feisty and fun, red hair is not for everyone. It is most flattering for people with cool or neutral tones in their complexion. If you have a lot of natural reds to your skin, adding red to your hair may be just too much.
  • Red requires regular maintenance. There is natural grow-out, which can be expected with any color. But red hair can also dull or lose pigment. A gloss treatment can bring back color without adding too many more hours in the chair.
  • Red hair is not for swimmers. If you plan to be in the pool all summer, pay special consideration to going red. Chlorine can strip color, and can break down already treated hair.
  • Take it cold. If you do go red, prepare to shampoo with cold water. It can add shine and uphold texture, while making the color last longer.

Finally: Make it happen.

If going red is for you, then go forth sexy lady!

At Nixon & CO all stylists are skilled in cut and color. They can evaluate your hair, current color, complexion, and lifestyle and help you decide on the right look and treatment process for you.

When you make an appointment, indicate that you’re looking for a color change so the appropriate amount of time can be allotted. Also, if you have a particular hue in mind, bring in photos. Everyone sees color differently, and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Finally, you budding ginger, we would look forward to seeing you. We know you can go wherever you damn well please, so we hope that place is here.