Go Ahead, Make My Day

Go Ahead, Make My Day

I swear, they said, “Go ahead, make my day.”

Oh wait. They actually said, “Go ahead with the next one. It’s Make a Difference Day.” Details! Why do they give me wine? Anyway. The girls let me know that October 27 is National Make a Difference Day, and it’s actually not a movie reference. It’s a day to make a difference.

I learned this holiday is legit! It was created by USA Weekend Magazine and now it’s primarily sponsored by USA Today. And if there’s anyone you can trust, it’s the media!

So, we’re on it, damn it.

It wasn’t a big stretch. As you may know, the girls are all about philanthropy and making a difference. Kelly is an active advocate for Facing Homelessness Denver. And Amber, Melissa, and Kelly just participated in Shear Impact, donating their time and talent to provide haircuts to the homeless. Here they are after a day of styling. The prettiest difference-makers you’ve ever seen!

So yes, a celebration like this is right up their alley, and they were quick to think of all the ways to make a difference. Experts say the only limit to the day is our imaginations. The wine poured and the girls got to thinking.

Just say yes. Their first idea to celebrate this day was just to nod and say okay. No, seriously. Nod and say okay. That’s the idea. Many people think philanthropy means you have to run a 5k. Or organize a food drive. Or collect money door to door. But all you really have to do to make a difference is open your heart. And your wallet. Try this: Nod yes to everything and pull out your credit card.

That young boy down the street who’s raising funds to deliver eye care to the children of Guatemala? Hell yes, sign me up!

That Pampered Chef sales girl who’s donating proceeds from every 9-by-11 baker? Heck yeah!

That adorable young girl who’s rehoming and rehabilitating dogs and cats from high-kill shelters for her birthday? Bring it on! Seriously, bring it on. This is Melissa’s daughter, and she’s awesome. Donate here.

Pay it forward. Of course, for more ideas, the girls noted the popular charitable gesture at the Starbucks drive-through – to pay for the order of the person behind you. That’s good stuff.

“But you know what would really help?” Kelly asked. “If someone did that at the bank.”

True, very true, the girls said. Sip.

Answer your door. Here’s another way to make a difference: Instead of hiding behind your couch when the doorbell rings, open the door. If it’s that cute little kid selling butter braids — or the prickly teen hawking the discount shopping cards — Pay up. Remember, this is not about buying gift-wrap or a Yankee candle. It’s about reaffirming faith in humanity and teaching values of generosity and community to the next generation. You can make a difference just by making out your check.

But save your receipts. I bought popcorn from a boy scout back in August. Where the hell is my bloody tin?

Practice simple acts of kindness.

Finally, to make a difference, remember that everyday actions can change lives.

Get yourself this amazing tassel bead bracelet. It’s vibrant and fun — and made by women artisans in India who are working to improving their lives through fair trade.

Other things you can do: Smile at a stranger. Pass on a compliment. Meditate to avoid road rage. Or invite someone over for popcorn. Damn it, where is that boy scout?

Anyway, you get the picture. To make a difference, we are only limited by our imagination, and any way we can think of to make the world a better place is worth doing.

Because why do we have to complicate things? Just do something nice. Go ahead, make my day.

You’ll Love Our Denim. And For Good Reason.

You’ll Love Our Denim. And For Good Reason.

Denim is always in fashion, and we’ll never stop showing you the cool looks we have in store and online. But on this day, it’s extra important for us to promote our denim wares.

It’s because April 25 is Denim Day. What’s Denim Day? Well, it’s not like National Hug Day or Wear Your Clothes Backward Day. This day’s about to get real. Denim Day is a nationwide call to wear jeans in support of rape prevention and ending misconceptions surrounding sexual assault.

True story: According to DenimDayInfo.org, almost 20 years ago in Italy, a rapist was convicted. Then the Italian Supreme Court overturned the conviction saying that the victim was wearing tight jeans and therefore would have had to help the rapist rape her. WTF??

The next day, the women in the Italian Parliament came to work in jeans in support of the victim. Cheers sisters!

So, yes, the story is dark, and it’s not our favorite. But it does compel us to act and, by all means, don our jeans. Fortunately, we’re Nixon & Co, and we have the styles you’ll love.

Check out the released hem wide-leg crop. These great jeans let you go from casual to classy with just a change in shoes. Dress them up or dress them down – we love them!

We also love the Stud Slim Crop. The mid-rise waist is flattering to every figure and the texture is as soft as a summer breeze.

And check out the casual comfort of the Super Wide Leg. (We’re talking the jeans – not you.)


Yoo-hoo, men!

Another thing to know about Denim Day – it’s about challenging patriarchy. This is the political structure in which men feel they are entitled to sexually harass people and perpetrate sexual violence. Oh, the male privilege!

This is where style and women’s empowerment can meet. We must recognize that women have the right to be as sexy as they want and still be safe. Like in these great skirts!

The fun and funky Frey Edge Skirt:

And the perfect-for-the-office Denim Pencil Skirt:

Up to the Task

So, Denim Day. It’s fun to say and a chance to wear all the great denim we have at Nixon & Co. But it’s so much more. It’s a chance to raise awareness about just what is “acceptable.” It’s about what we tell our ourselves, our sisters, and our daughters. Sexual assault, patriarchy, rape culture: It’s all happening, and it’s all wrong.

Join us in speaking out. Wear your jeans, and check out 10 more things you can do. Remember, you can get right to work in this awesome Double Hem Jacket.

Or this flattering but comfy Plaid Oversized Shirt.


Let everyone know we’ll wear denim and we’ll wear what we want. Without getting hurt.

Even in this super sexy Denim Long Shirt Jacket.