Go Ahead, Make My Day

Go Ahead, Make My Day

I swear, they said, “Go ahead, make my day.”

Oh wait. They actually said, “Go ahead with the next one. It’s Make a Difference Day.” Details! Why do they give me wine? Anyway. The girls let me know that October 27 is National Make a Difference Day, and it’s actually not a movie reference. It’s a day to make a difference.

I learned this holiday is legit! It was created by USA Weekend Magazine and now it’s primarily sponsored by USA Today. And if there’s anyone you can trust, it’s the media!

So, we’re on it, damn it.

It wasn’t a big stretch. As you may know, the girls are all about philanthropy and making a difference. Kelly is an active advocate for Facing Homelessness Denver. And Amber, Melissa, and Kelly just participated in Shear Impact, donating their time and talent to provide haircuts to the homeless. Here they are after a day of styling. The prettiest difference-makers you’ve ever seen!

So yes, a celebration like this is right up their alley, and they were quick to think of all the ways to make a difference. Experts say the only limit to the day is our imaginations. The wine poured and the girls got to thinking.

Just say yes. Their first idea to celebrate this day was just to nod and say okay. No, seriously. Nod and say okay. That’s the idea. Many people think philanthropy means you have to run a 5k. Or organize a food drive. Or collect money door to door. But all you really have to do to make a difference is open your heart. And your wallet. Try this: Nod yes to everything and pull out your credit card.

That young boy down the street who’s raising funds to deliver eye care to the children of Guatemala? Hell yes, sign me up!

That Pampered Chef sales girl who’s donating proceeds from every 9-by-11 baker? Heck yeah!

That adorable young girl who’s rehoming and rehabilitating dogs and cats from high-kill shelters for her birthday? Bring it on! Seriously, bring it on. This is Melissa’s daughter, and she’s awesome. Donate here.

Pay it forward. Of course, for more ideas, the girls noted the popular charitable gesture at the Starbucks drive-through – to pay for the order of the person behind you. That’s good stuff.

“But you know what would really help?” Kelly asked. “If someone did that at the bank.”

True, very true, the girls said. Sip.

Answer your door. Here’s another way to make a difference: Instead of hiding behind your couch when the doorbell rings, open the door. If it’s that cute little kid selling butter braids — or the prickly teen hawking the discount shopping cards — Pay up. Remember, this is not about buying gift-wrap or a Yankee candle. It’s about reaffirming faith in humanity and teaching values of generosity and community to the next generation. You can make a difference just by making out your check.

But save your receipts. I bought popcorn from a boy scout back in August. Where the hell is my bloody tin?

Practice simple acts of kindness.

Finally, to make a difference, remember that everyday actions can change lives.

Get yourself this amazing tassel bead bracelet. It’s vibrant and fun — and made by women artisans in India who are working to improving their lives through fair trade.

Other things you can do: Smile at a stranger. Pass on a compliment. Meditate to avoid road rage. Or invite someone over for popcorn. Damn it, where is that boy scout?

Anyway, you get the picture. To make a difference, we are only limited by our imagination, and any way we can think of to make the world a better place is worth doing.

Because why do we have to complicate things? Just do something nice. Go ahead, make my day.

Don’t Kill Your Boss’s Cat

Don’t Kill Your Boss’s Cat

Yes, as a general rule, do not kill your boss’s cat. It worried me that this was the first item mentioned in the group brainstorm on how to celebrate National Boss’s Day. But they all quickly agreed on it.

It turns out Melissa did this to Kelly. Agreeing to kitty sit while Kelly was away, Melissa let said cat have the run of the house, where the cat soon discovered a taste for lilies, which turned out to be poisonous. Upon Kelly’s return, the cat unfortunately didn’t make it. But a lesson was learned: Don’t decorate with lilies. Another lesson: True friendship can sustain anything. And now Melissa’s daughter freely tells people: Do you know my mom killed her boss’s cat?

Our regards to PETA, this is a (somewhat) true story. And killing a cat is indeed not a way to celebrate National Boss’s Day, October 16th.

Fortunately, after toasting to the departed cat, the girls came up with other ideas. Here they are!

Give a gift with meaning.

Or not-so-hidden meaning! Passive-aggressive is a flavor we adore, and if the label fits, share it. Seriously, this looks like great wine, and we think any boss would love your kind words. Celebrate the big guy with this gift of the vineyard. If he doesn’t drink, that’s fine too. Enjoy the wine first and give him the bottle! You’re such a nimble employee!


Get them a gift that shows you care.

Another way to celebrate your boss is by letting her know you care about her health and well-being – especially her hydration levels. Encourage her to drink up with this 25-ounce, double-walled, stainless steel, BPA- and Phthalate-free water bottle. Does it say too much? Nah! Fill it with wine and you’ll take the edge right off!

Get them a gift that makes them think of you.

It’s true. Sometimes you have to take those extra steps to get noticed, and sometimes just killing a cat isn’t enough. If that’s the case, give the gift that will remind your boss of all your bad-ass qualities. You take control, you make decisions, and you celebrate made-up holidays! Cheers, boss!

Give them a gift that conveys gratitude.

You know: Like how thankful they should be that you showed up today! Just kidding. Gratitude Changes Everything, and it can lift spirits, transform morale, and create positive outcomes. Seriously, spend a few minutes meditating on all the things you’re grateful for and your outlook will shift instantly. But back to the point…

The Gratitude Apothecary Jar serves as a thoughtful reminder and a great gift. It also tells your boss to be thankful for you – the great employee who remembered this holiday.

These of course are just a few ideas for National Boss’s Day. We have more in store and online – shop now. The important thing is to do something to honor the person who signs your paycheck. Send a card, send a gift. Or drink some wine. Just don’t kill a pet. It’s a felony.

5 Reasons We Love National Taco Day

5 Reasons We Love National Taco Day

It started with wine. Of course. The girls told me October 4 is National Taco Day. They said, “Lettuce talk about it.” Even though it was “Nacho business.”

I took a sip and dove in.

It turns out tacos are a big hit at Nixon and Company. In fact, Melissa celebrates Taco Tuesday every week. Seriously, every week. “But I mix it up,” she says. Meaning, sometimes they’re made with ground beef, sometimes chicken, and sometimes steak.

So basically, the love of tacos is real. And there are many reasons for it. As they talked, I counted five. Here they are:

They make us happy. Soft, hard-shelled, fish, ready-made, create-your-own, on Tuesdays, or any day of the week. The details didn’t matter. The girls were hard-pressed to narrow down their favorites, and every variation resulted in glee. We were on serious ground. Melissa’s weekly menu was proof.

They’re spicy and easy. Oh, yeah. Who doesn’t love “spicy and easy”? Note to self: Do not make joke here. Do not make joke here. Do not make joke here. Seriously, no innuendos. The girls spilled out the attributes of tacos as easily as others might talk of, I don’t know, their spouses? Their kids? God? They just love tacos, and as fast I could type, I gathered: They’re delicious, crowd-pleasing, versatile, spicy, crunchy, easy to order, easy to make, easy to purchase. Wow, I must admit I had never thought of tacos with such passion. And suddenly, I wanted Mexican.

They’re good with beverages. The girls then quickly turned to all the yummy drinks that go nicely with tacos. In a scene that could only be reminiscent of Bubba’s shrimp diatribe in Forest Gump, the girls said margaritas. Regular margaritas. Margaritas on the rocks. Strawberry margaritas. Mango margarita. Carlos Miguels margaritas. Frozen margaritas. Skinny margaritas. Pre-made margaritas. Home-made margaritas. Margarita recipes…Then Kelly yelled, “Focus chickens! We’re talking about tacos!” Oops.

You can dress up like a taco for Halloween. Thank you, Amber. Thank you for focusing. Yes, this is another of the top five reasons to love tacos. Halloween is coming. And you can indeed dress up like a taco. Moving on.

They’re inspirational. The final praise for tacos: They inspire us to reveal our feelings. To tell the truth about our needs, even if it means sacrificing other foods. To just do it. (Hmm-hmmm: Controversial Nike reference). Anyway. Our love of tacos gives us the courage to stand behind our taco pride with confidence. Like by wearing this shirt.

Gets yours here!

In the end

Eventually, the wine dried up, and the topic of tacos reached its natural end. At which time, Amber said, “Okay? So?” I thought this meant did I have any more questions. But she was actually saying, “Queso.” Didn’t I get it?

She said, “Yeah! We can’t stop taco-ing about it.” And then they laughed. And they found more wine.

Cheers they said! To National Taco Day!

I’m Not a Bitch. I’m a Virgo.

I’m Not a Bitch. I’m a Virgo.

And so begins this entry in honor of Kelly Nixon’s birthday, which was September 9th.

This means we’re posting this late, and we missed posting it on or before the actual day. So, while that’s bad, it also shows our incompetence, which is a nice segue into the things all Virgos can’t stand. So Happy Birthday Kelly! To celebrate, we’re delving into other aspects of your special Virgo-ness and all the things that make you tick!

Anal and obsessive

Now, Kelly might tell you this is just another way of saying “detail-oriented” and “precise.” But I did notice how fast Google auto-populates “Is Virgo more likely…” with “to have OCD?” (The answer, by the way, is “Oh God, Yes.”) Turns out, Virgos are known as the perfectionists of the zodiac. So, it’s not just Kelly who will repeatedly tug on your hair during a cut to make sure the sides are even. It’s all Virgos. But we’ll take it, because Damn straight, even hair is awesome!

A little less conversation, a little more action

It was just a matter of time before we quoted an Elvis song, but here you have it. Another trait about Virgos is that they are no talk, all action. If Kelly comes off abrupt because she’s not slowing down to chat, don’t think she’s bitchy. She’s just a Virgo and she has things to do. When she is chatty, she’s usually reeling off solutions to the world’s problems. And she’s doing it all as she’s applying your foils.

Frustrated by incompetence and stupidity

Don’t be the person who doesn’t do what they’re supposed to do. Don’t say you do and don’t. Don’t act like you will and won’t. Blatant crappy behavior? Kelly don’t play that game. With her and all Virgos, this simply won’t do. For example, don’t post a September 9th blog on September 10th . Just saying.

Stands their ground

Finally, our birthday girl – like her Virgo sisters – is indeed bossy. But only in the name of getting things done. And she may be cold, but only because she’s cautious. She’s obsessive, but only in the way that’s tenacious. She stands her ground, but only in the best shoes. Like these amazing Open Toe Silver Heels.

Bottom line: We’ll be the first to tell you. Kelly’s not a bitch. She’s a Virgo. And so was Mother Teresa. We love her, and she cuts a mean head of hair. Come in and say Happy Birthday. Even after September 3rd. We incompetent non-Virgos will have your back.



Lazy Moms? Is There Such a Thing?

Lazy Moms? Is There Such a Thing?

The first Friday in September is Lazy Moms Day. Is this like National Unicorn Day?

Last we checked, there were no lazy moms. Who thought of this title? A man? We’ve tried to find some lazy moms to gear up for this day, but the moms we found were running off to work, backed up in the Kiss & Go lane, or figuring out how to add partial sums. So, we had to dig deeper.

About Lazy Moms Day

Alas, it turns out, Lazy Moms Day is not a celebration of Lazy Moms. It’s a celebration of moms and a national decree bearing them the right to be lazy. For one whole day. True, this is better. But, we have our doubts. Let’s break this down.

First: We say laziness is lady’s choice.

We moms have literally created a whole human being inside ourselves. We wrecked our bodies, and then pushed it out only to have it backtalk us for the rest of our lives.

While we may not be sane, we are committed. And we are the rock stars of humanity. Based on this, we’ll tell you when we need a day to be lazy. It will be on our terms. And it won’t be once a year.

Second: Why do we need a national decree?

Here’s a national decree: “We’re tired.” It takes a lot of effort to Lean In. To keep track of our “Me too” moments. To manage work and childcare and to make 80 cents on the dollar. Now we have to track goofy holidays? We appreciate the nod, but really? Sniff, sniff… I smell a man close by.

Third: If we even wanted to be lazy, we’d have to work for it.

Getting to be lazy can’t just happen for we moms. It’s not as easy as making a tee time and going. For moms, it’s different. For example, this is what we must do just to leave town for a day (without being followed):

  • Ensure kids’ transportation is not a cover for an international sex trafficking ring
  • Pack nutritious and convenient lunches in advance (so they can be forgotten and kids can “starve” and blame you)
  • Shop for and prepare ready-to-heat meals (so they can be forgotten and whole family can go to McDonalds)
  • Make list of emergency contacts in case of sex trafficking
  • Coordinate pet care because family will forget
  • Hire help because family will forget
  • Sign permission slips so they can be forgotten
  • Anticipate last-minute laundry needs because of what family has forgotten
  • Create to-do list so family doesn’t forget
  • Alert neighbors about your absence (and potential sex trafficking threat)

Whew. It might be easier just to not relax. Even if it were National Relaxation Day, which, by the way, has passed.

So really: Is Lazy Moms Day really going to work?

They say we moms are supposed to celebrate the day by taking a holiday from laundry, dishes, bathroom cleaning, and car pools. It does sound grand, doesn’t it. But in reality, we think taking a break from any of these tasks will mean just doing more the next day. I don’t know about you, but I’m sensing more clothes piled up, more dishes in the sink, and even more piss around the rim. And honestly, I bet they’ll throw in one more kid to pick up. Maybe someone we don’t even know. See, trafficking.

Knowing this, it’s probably best for all of us if we celebrate as briskly as possible in a way that’s least likely to loosen our work saddle break up the routine. We say: Shop.

Come in and visit us or shop online for some amazing looks you deserve. Don’t wait for someone to go out and get you something. Just do it yourself. You’re a mom. And if anyone asks you whether you’re going to be lazy, we have the perfect shirt to wear in response.


Cheers to you, you lazy mom. We salute you!

3 Ways We’re Rebelling on Labor Day

3 Ways We’re Rebelling on Labor Day

What the heck? It’s Labor Day already? We don’t know about you, but we think this celebration comes on so fast, it should be called “Going into Labor Day.” Seriously. We just covered Memorial Day, and – aside from being able to send those pesky kids back to school – we say it’s way too soon to mark the end of summer. That’s why we’re rebelling. Here’s how to join us.

  1. Keep calling it summer.

First, who says Labor Day is the closing parenthesis of summer? Is this the Catskills in the 1960s? Our under-boobs are still sweating, and it’s still technically summer through September 22.  Based on this, our first act of rebellion is to just keep on summering past the three-day weekend. In fact, we may even plan a family trip. Kids in school and can’t go? These are details we’re willing to overlook. We’re rebels!

  1. Wear white.

Ugh. The old rule that says you can’t wear white past Labor Day? It’s another limitation circa Dirty Dancing. Well, we say nobody puts our favorite whites in a corner. We’re gonna wear the hell out of them! We may be even buy more. You can too. For example, get this White Hoodie Muscle Shirt and dare someone to say summer’s over.

Another white you’ll love past August: These hip White Cutout Joggers. These bottoms are stylish and functional – you can break the rules and then run away! You go, our summer sister!

  1. Jump in pools.

Oh, you know it. We’re going there. We don’t care if they already hosted “Doggie Dive 2018.” Or that they drained the water. We’re getting our tax dollars’ worth, and we’re climbing the fence. The fact that neighborhood pools close after Labor Day is further proof that they’re pushing summer out and rushing fall in.

Join us in boycotting this closure. Come lay with us on the hot concrete slab and enjoy the silence! It’s still summer! And we deserve our pool time!

But we’ll stop right here.

While Labor Day is here too soon, we are willing to concede to a few Labor Day customs. Remember: We’re rebellious. But we’re never stupid.

Knowing this, here are some things about Labor Day we will embrace:

  • The barbeque, picnic and party.
  • Sending the kids to school.
  • All Labor Day wine and beer sales

We’re so fair!

In conclusion, my ladies of summer. Join us getting the most of this season, right up through the damn solstice. Do not cut short our days in the sun. We’re just getting warmed up!