4 Signs You May Not Be a Good Neighbor

4 Signs You May Not Be a Good Neighbor

We all like to think we’re good people with good taste, and that it would be a good thing to live next door to us. But, in celebration of National Good Neighbor Day, September 28, we’re challenging all of us to give this some thought. Are we good neighbors?

Now let’s be clear. All neighbors are guilty of day-to-day transgressions. Letting your trash blow into your neighbor’s yard. Encouraging your adorable children to play outside your neighbor’s home office. Folding up your neighbor’s drainage pipe every time it rains. These things happen!

We’re talking about serious deviations that make people bad — The kind that make us raise our glasses to potential moving vans. So, look inward here and see if you’re a bad neighbor. Here are four ways to tell.

You lay claim to the open lot. Consider this: There’s an empty space between your house and your closest neighbor. Does this mean the lot just hasn’t sold yet or it’s “designated open space”? Or does this mean you have bonus storage space? If you answered the latter, you may be a bad neighbor. This is not an extension of your driveway, in case the curb and grass didn’t tip you off. Please move your cars and crap and be nice.

You take “free” stuff and sell it. Okay, suppose your neighbor puts something in his driveway with a big sign that reads “free.” You know this is his attempt to clean house. You also know this is a gift to those less fortunate. But, what this is not is a business opportunity. If you take the free merchandise and sell it yourself on Craig’s List, you may just be a bad neighbor. If you pocket the money and never mention it to your neighbor, you may be even worse.

You steal. This is a variation of our first two bad neighbor behaviors. But this covers all the other territory of simply taking anything that’s not yours. If your sticky fingers attach themselves to things that don’t belong to you, you may be a bad neighbor. This includes newspapers. Mail. Wood. Amazon packages. Furniture cushions. Wi-fi. The soap dispenser at Nixon and Company. You know who you are.

You make bad decisions. There’s no shortage of examples here. If any of these sound like you, well, your neighbors may be the ones slipping you flyers about the value of your house:

  • You “throw way” your dog’s poop in your neighbor’s garage.
  • There’s a Lazy-Boy recliner on your front porch.
  • When you see your neighbor stranded with a broken-down car, you keep driving.
  • When you neighbor rings your doorbell, you hide.
  • You keep your dogs outside all day to bark.
  • And this is your idea of outdoor décor:

You get the idea. If this is you, please stop.

Instead, let’s all celebrate Good Neighbor Day by being good neighbors! Still confused? Here are some ways people are good neighbors:

  • They open their doors and welcome you to wine. Like our neighbors we love, Crush Wine Bar.
  • They have fully stocked kitchens, and they always have that ingredient you’re missing.
  • They keep their schedules, needs, children, hands, tastes, Craig’s List accounts, and opinions to themselves. Mwah! The less we know, the more we love!
  • They have style. You see them coming and going gorgeously, like in this Teal Classic Cardigan.


So, on National Good Neighbor Day, celebrate with us. Stay good. And if you’re not good, take steps to change. You don’t want to be a subject of this blog.

You’re Still Sexy, You Sexy Senior!

You’re Still Sexy, You Sexy Senior!

No, not you, you sexy 12th grader. Although with the senior pic poses these days, we could mean high school seniors. But head back to class, saucy minors. The people we’re actually talking to are sexy senior citizens!

This is because it’s Senior Citizen Day, August 21! On this special day, we want to show our respect.

Because … we see you there.

There’s no need to bedazzle your walker. Unless of course, you want to. We’re happy to help. But we want you to know we do see you. We know you often get the rub (And we don’t mean the good kind.) The truth is the jokes are often on you. Do you pick pants or diapers? That DEPENDS! Aggh! Thanks for that, Amber!

All kidding aside, seniors take some serious heat. And we’re here to call bull$&!*

Because… we love seniors.

Advanced older adults are awesome. We admire their perspective, their grit, their spunk, and specifically, their ability to not give a crap. These are folks who have seen the same trends come and go through decades and they know not to get their panties in a wad. (Of course, that’s because many of them no longer wear panties). Regardless, our seniors are the smartest among us and we want to celebrate them!

So what can we do?

Amber knows! Wheelchair races! Great idea! But, the Egg & I won’t let us use their parking lot, it’s not really appropriate.

How about wine? Thanks Kelly! That’s always a great idea. But, we think your other plan might be the best:

30% off – all day!

Sexy seniors, come in on August 21 and celebrate your sexy senior-ness with 30% off all products! Not sure what to get? We can help.

We’re not talking about your tried-and-true Aqua-net. We have products that will add shine to your silver and va-voom to your do! Come see what all the fuss is about!

More ways to celebrate Senior Citizen Day?

Whether it’s racing, or wine, or saving, the point is this, our senior friends: On this day, take the time to appreciate all that you are and all that you know. Here are more ways to celebrate your aging self:

Invest in you. While you’re stocking up on product at Nixon and Company, browse our boutique. We have amazing wares for ladies of all ages. We’re multi-generational! Check out this versatile Kantha Bead Necklace. Wear it long or wrap it for a layered look.

And this easy-access Tadesse Bucket Bag. Wear it over the shoulder or over your body.

Make fun of young people. Another way to celebrate: Give em crap right back. You get to hear all the jokes about your driving, your slowness, and your tendency to start every conversation with “back in my day…” So instead, turn the tables. Google “Millennials Memes” and get the party started.

Mess with young people. When you grow tired of laughing at the younger generations, turn it up a notch. Ask your daughter whether King Soopers sells condoms. Ask your grandson if you can borrow a vape pen. Pour yourself some wine and give them something to talk about.

Finally, old dear friend, we love you. Come in for 30% off. And if you’re not a senior, then find a senior and do something nice for them. Show them the respect they deserve, or you won’t win the race of life. In a wheelchair or not.

Every Day is Best Friends Day – Celebrate!

Every Day is Best Friends Day – Celebrate!

Yes, June 8 is Best Friends Day. Awesome! We’ll be celebrating! But we have to be honest. There are few things we love more than making crap up, so we embrace this made-up holiday. However, we must question: Isn’t every day Best Friends Day? For us it is. And these are just a few ways we love to show our love and appreciation for our BFFs.

Have a skip day

Some days you just need a mental health day, and no one knows more about all the reasons you need one than your best friend. Make a break for it together. Blow off work, blow off steam, blow off all those people asking you to do things. Take a much-deserved break and create some memories.Life will go on, we promise. In fact, we’re so behind this idea, we even have the perfect outfit for it.

Relax at the spa

If a road trip, shopping spree or afternoon at Crush doesn’t do it for the two of you, we must ask: Who even are you? But okay. Instead, make a plan to treat yourselves. Head to the spa for a day of pampering – massages, manicures, or intense facials with fire-hot lasers. Whatever you need to feel and look your best! Or just keep it simple with side-by-side pedicures. Afterward, you’ll look great in these leather platform wedges.







Refresh – together

Is it time for a new look? Sometimes the only one who will give you an honest answer is your best friend. And as long as you’re making appointments, of course, book with us. Nixon & Co boasts our amazing online boutique and a store-front boutique and full-service salon. Whatever is going on, we can fix, improve, update, and refresh. You will love your new look as much as you love your BFF, and well, made-up holidays!

Get them a gift

We get it, you’re too busy. It may not be the best time to blow off everyone and escape with your bestie. But it’s always a good time to shop. On Best Friends Day and every day, don’t miss an opportunity to show your friends how much they mean to you. Give them more than your unconditional love – Give them a present, for God’s sake. Of course, you may be looking for ideas. And, of course you know, we have some. 

Open up

Last but not least, what makes best friends the best is that you can talk to them. You can tell them almost anything, and by that we mean, anything. Don’t hold back now. And don’t wait for a once-a-year made-up holiday to tell them how you feel. You love them, they inspire you, they are the magic pill that gets you through the day: Whatever emotion you have, let it out. Regardless if it’s inappropriate. That’s even better. In fact, we have a whole special way to help you get it all off your chest.







Alas, ladies, there’s June 8. This date will come and go, but best friends never do. Celebrate on this day and every day, whether it’s with a new adventure, a new look, or a new pair of shoes. Life’s short. Embrace the celebration, whether it’s made up or not.

3 Things We Should Be Doing on International Women’s Day

3 Things We Should Be Doing on International Women’s Day

March 8 is International Women’s Day when the world celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It’s a day to promote women’s rights and gender equality. It’s a day to stand together to make a positive difference for women.

Wow, that’s good stuff. It’s so good, we think every day should be International Women’s Day.

As women business owners, community members, moms, wives, sisters, aunts, and daughters, we lend our own voice to this event. No joking around this week. We want to share what we feel we can all do on this day – and every day – to make life better for our sisters everywhere.

Be aware

First, let’s be informed. International Women’s Day is not a “Hallmark Holiday.” It dates back to the early 1900s when women came together women to fight for the right to vote and oppose employment sex discrimination. The theme of a women’s day continued in various forms through the years, until it became an official United Nations event in 1975.

The point is this: Long before our pink vagina hats, women have been uniting, joining forces and building strength. We are where we are today because of the generations of women before us. Celebrate them! Celebrate us.

Bring it home

Another thing we can do is to honor this broad international event right here where we live. We can take a moment to think about all the amazing women in our lives – friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, the kids’ teachers, and more. Let’s reflect on all they do, as people and as women. So often women bring each other down. But what can we do instead to empower each other and lift each other up? We’re women. Let’s be better!

Make good choices

Finally, in celebration of International Women’s Day and year-round, we can use the power of our purchasing. Every time we open our purses (like these awesome ones featured here), we can choose to spend our hard-earned and smaller-than-most-men’s paychecks on products from companies that honor and empower women.

For example, at Nixon & Co, we sell jewelry from Beljoy, whose design and production processes help create jobs for women in Haiti.

We feature the fantastic wares of Able, a company that manufactures directly in poor communities to help break the cycle of poverty.

Nixon & Co carries clothing from Half United, which fights hunger by providing seven meals to children in need with every item sold.

And we also sell Bitchstix face and body care products, which allows us as the retailer to donate a portion of their proceeds to support a domestic violence or sexual assault prevention program right here in our Castle Rock community.

Ladies, please join us in recognizing and celebrating International Women’ Day. Let March 8 and every day be our day. Know what’s going on in this world. Support our sisters. Choose wisely. Let’s be better, together.

Summer, Socks, and Savings — Plus fight homelessness in Denver

Summer, Socks, and Savings — Plus fight homelessness in Denver

Join us in August to raise awareness about homelessness in Denver. Nixon & CO is teaming up with Facing Homelessness Denver to draw attention to the thousands of people in our community living without shelter and other basic needs.

Your sock donation will help fight homelessness in Denver through Facing Homelessness Denver.

You can show your support by bringing in a new pair of socks – any size, any style. With your donation, you’ll receive 25% off one boutique item of your choice**!

Socking it to homelessness

Facing Homelessness Denver raises awareness of homelessness by sharing photos and personal stories of those living on the streets. At the same time, they partner with local businesses to generate awareness and raise funds that go directly to support organizations that serve the homeless.

The call for socks is a national campaign to provide comfort, safety, and warmth to the homeless with every pair of clean and dry socks.

The face of awareness

The need to shine light on homelessness in Denver has never been more important.

The Colorado census shows there were 10,000 homeless people in Colorado at the end of last year – up 6% over the 2015 count. Colorado also experienced the largest increase in the number of homeless vets in 2016, up 231 from the year before.

Every pair can make a difference

With numbers so great, every donation and every ounce of awareness raised can help address this crisis. Please join the fight!

Bring in your socks to Nixon & CO between August 1 and August 31, 2017. Pairs must be new and clean, and in their original packaging. Then start shopping and take 25% off the item of your choice**.

See you soon!

** Offer constitutes one donation of one pair of new socks in their original packaging. Get 25% off each item purchased with each pair of socks donated (i.e., bring in one pair of socks, get 25% off one item, bring in three pairs of socks, get 25% off three items).