Wow. It seems like just yesterday, we were preparing for Y2K, and now we’re 19 years in. We’re approaching this year with grace and confidence because we’re just one year away from entering the “20s.” You know, like the “Roaring 20s,” but a hundred years later. Let that sink in. Now, when we refer to the 20s, we’ll have to ask, “Which ones?” But I digress. The point is, time is flying, and a century out from prohibition, we’re ready for the last year of this decade, and we’re raising a glass. Game on!

In fact, this is how excited we are.

Well, truthfully, Kelly is just excited because she’s splashing on the beach in Mexico. But she left us up here in the cold with some thoughts on what we can all look forward to in 2019.

Rounded bobs

One trend we’re excited about is the “Rounded Bob.” No, this is not your fat uncle. This is a new take on the traditional a-line bobs of yesteryear, with a look that is softer and more feminine. For you, it will just take some shine serum and a few minutes with the hair dryer. For the ladies of Nixon & Co, it will take some point cuts into your ends. But as you and I know, they know what they’re doing.

Blunt jawline bob

Here’s another trend we love for the New Year, the blunt jawline bob. Yes, it does sound like a boxing move. But, yo Adrian, this look will keep you on your feet and make you the winner of any match. Okay, enough boxing references. What the cut entails is a short blunt cut coming between your ears and chin. Shorter at the back, longer at the front, it flatters the jaw and brings out your pretty face.

Pass the mustard

While there is plenty more to say about hair trends of 2019, we have to move on to fashion too. Because you know, we are all about overall style from head to toe. The color we’re seeing for spring is yellow. But not lemon, or buttercup, or winter wheat. We’re talking mustard. It’s been said it’s bold with a hint of spice. Now don’t think yellow mustard at your neighborhood cookout. This is more like Grey Poupon. And coordinated with your classic black, it’s a look that’s making us suddenly hungry.

Tie dye and “puffed shoulders”

Since this may be a lot to digest, we’re tackling this one at the same time. Both tie dye and “puffed shoulders” have hit the runway for the season. They can’t scare us with these ones. Remember, we have beer. The fact is, it’s time to get out your rubber bands and your old shirts. Or, probably better yet, be on the look-out for these amazing finds.

At the same time, look for some added poof in your dresses and tops.


But remember, think “Puff,” not “Linebacker.” This is 2019. We don’t want to hurt anyone.


In conclusion, these are just a few of the many trends of 2019 we’re ready for. And, if you want a new style to welcome in the new year, come see us. We’ll set you on a path to roar into 2020. And we’ll raise a toast together!