Update my style? Change with the times? Are you kidding? There is a lot on your plate, and it can be difficult to pull yourself out of 2003, let alone 2017. We are here to help, starting by showcasing some of the trends we’ve discovered for 2018.

A new cut for a new year

What’s the best thing to do to hair? Cut it. A quality cut is the foundation for every other trend.

Curtain bangs

Take down your blinds and embrace the curtains: Bangs parted down the middle and worn long on the sides. Sources say this style is up 600% in Pinterest searches. It’s an easy look, and easy to transition to if you’re growing your bangs out.


Say what you will about this controversial Bachelor contestant. She may only be 12 or 32. But her trending style is hot for any age.

The long pixie, pictured here, is a longer version of the short one trending last year. Great for wavy or curly hair, or even straight. Dare to try it!


Or, throw it back to the early 90s. Retro styles feature blunt cuts with rolled-under or flipped-out ends. Explore this cut and go back to a simpler time. Don’t forget to plug in your answering machine before we call to confirm your appointment.

Add some color to your life.

Color is always in style, but with every year, there’s a way to do it better. Check these out.

Below-the-ears sombré

Move over old ombré, there’s a sombré in town. This year’s sombré is softer and less stripy, starting just below the ear, which totally rocks on a lob. The effect is subtle, the impact is huge.

Root beer

At Nixon & Co, we stay up on the times, which is why we know root beer doesn’t mean soda. Glamour reports 2018 is the “Year of the Brunette.” Root beer hair is rich, dark brown with red or auburn highlights. Okay. We like it. And dammit, now we’re thirsty.


Yes, say it with us. Blauburn. Glamour also sites that blondes mixed with browns and reds will be all the rage. It’s a great seasonal change for blondes and a way to add some depth in the chilly winter. (Want this? Let the receptionist know because it could be a two-color process, blondies.)

Finally, fashion.

Never forget, Nixon & Company is a salon and a boutique. So, let’s talk clothes.


Festive and fun, sequins add pazazz to any outfit. While this particular one might be a little much for the streets of Castle Rock, you get the picture. It’s time to sparkle!


What? Do you work for Pepsi? Fashion blogger Fleurdille notes big, bold logos are sweeping the nation. It’s cute, but we suspect corporate influence.

Fringe and lavender

Well, not necessarily together. Look for fringe on everything — dresses, jackets, purses, and shirts. And lavender is set to be the in color for spring and summer.

We said sheer, not share

Finally, a trend lightly weighing on us this year is sheer. Think thin, wispy, even filmy materials. But proceed with caution. We don’t want to see nipples. Really.


Change is inevitable, and our excitement for helping you change with the times is inevitable too. Make an appointment for a cut, color, or consultation, and swing by for the latest trends in fashion and accessories.

See you soon!